Our Beer


    Table Beer | 3.5% ABV

    Taste what Flight Path has to bring to the table. This beer is effervescent, light and full of flavour. Delicately balanced with notes of pear and crisp apple, its dry finish will leave you feeling refreshed with every sip.


    Pilsner | 5.0% ABV

    Stag Tail's fresh bread and pale malt aroma compliments its noble hops' grassy, herb characteristics. This palate-pleasing beer is soft and clean with a fluffy white head, making it the perfect patio sipper.


    Saison | 5.0% ABV

    A true farmhouse beer that's packed with flavour. Monarch is a testament to our brewery's location and heritage. This beer is floral and earthy with hints of orchard fruit and cracked white pepper. Finishing dry, this beer is bright, bold and beautiful.


    IPA | 5.5% ABV

    The intense tropical fruit flavours of this juicy beer are nothing to be afraid of. With notes of freshly squeezed oranges, grapefruit and passion fruit, Snapper is soft and smooth but finishes with a BITE!


    MÄRZEN | 5.5% ABV

    Clean and crisp, this traditional amber lager is malt-forward and subtly sweet with a dense, tan foam. With notes of toasted rye and dark honey, Amber Wing is reminiscent of everything we love about the changing seasons. Prost!


    STOUT | 5.5% ABV

    Featuring a host of characterful English malts, Black Cap deftly threads the needle between sweetness, complexity, and drinkability. With notes of dark chocolate and roasted coffee beans, this beer is full-bodied and pairs perfectly with long winter nights by the fire or skating on the pond.